$4 Million Texas Log Cabin

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They say that everything is bigger in Texas so it makes sense that it is the location of this log castle currently for sale for $4 million.  However, Kirkland Kastle isn’t just another east Texas log cabin.



It’s a huge, hard wood “work of art,” asserts Evan Matteson of the Matteson Group of Coldwell Banker Apex, Realtors. The Canton, Texas area mansion is constructed of a staggering 6,000 oak and cedar logs custom-milled by hand over the course of five years.




The three story wooden abode is comprised of 4,800 square feet of living space and another 9,800 square feet of covered porches. The master bedroom loft touts two master baths. The decadent kitchen boasts Viking commercial grade appliances, granite countertops and cabinets made of that sweet-smelling cedar wood. And there’s a sportsbar-inspired entertainment area with wet bar bedecked in retro neon beer signs.



The cabin sits on a private 12 acre lake, the 40 acre estate includes two bridges and a swimming pier with wooden diving board. The lake is so expansive, current owners Gerald and Kelly Kirkland have been known to take a jet ski or two out now and again.



In true Texas shindig fashion, there’s a bandstand on the lake’s shore for live music concerts and the home itself is rigged with a state-of-the art sound system, ensuring everyone gets to hear the band. The grounds also tout a gazebo and a three bay barn.



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12 comments on “$4 Million Texas Log Cabin

  1. Amanda Combs on said:


    My name is Amanda Combs, and I’m writing this on behalf of my family.

    My soon to be brother in law Kris Carson, & beautiful younger sister Tamara Benson, both of whom are current businesses owners in Jacksonville Texas have set a date to be married on march 14th 2014. This day holds special meaning for the Benson family as it was the most earth shattering gut wrenching day that would forever change our lives. On March 14, 2011 we lost our father due to a very tragic unexpected and unimaginable accident.

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    Well now the time has come for his baby girl number 3 to take that walk. My heart literally bleeds for her as I think about what thoughts could be, and probably are running thru her mind. What makes it stick, what assurance is there that this man knows just by the look in his eyes, that firm yet silent grip as he hands over his baby girl, the unspoken understanding between father and groom. You will make her happy, keep her safe, and help her make all her dreams come true.

    We can’t give Tami this, though it’s every daughters right to have, her father filling her with strength, giving her the courage and that sorry that is so desperately needed in that moment. We can’t do that for her, but we are determined to give her a day, a day full of love, and beauty, hope and to change the day that once meant the worse possible loss & pain for our family, can now be a day of beautiful memories and happy times spent together.

    So, my purpose in writing this is in the hope that this beautiful breathtaking work of art that had been filled with the love and detailed attention to beauty & authenticity might be available too rent for a wedding/reception.
    For it would mean so much to our family too share such a personal Day of happiness, hope, and need of new brighter beginnings, in such a place we know was made in love, hard work, detailed vision, and hope for the amazing beautiful work of art it is. Not just a beautiful show piece, or proof that it could be done, but a loving home and a stunning symbol of nature, purity, family.

    With sincerest respect,

    Amanda Combs

  2. Christine Riffle on said:

    Hello, My NAME IS Christine my Husband and I have seen your home on the Travel Channel and what can we say, but very beautiful and what a show piece and a loving home you have. We live in West Virginia and my son and Daughter in-law have 88 acre . They are letting my Husband and I have 7 acres, we are planning to build our home out of logs, we always wanted a log home

  3. Christine Riffle on said:

    Sory about that but my computer went out we are having a storm, But we always wanted to build our log home, we have looked for a saw mill and my Husband has what he wants to do , but he needs to know how to join the corners together , I would like to know if you could give him some tips on how to join the corners together, also we own our own business Plumbing and heating . The email address I gave you is his , it would be so awesome if you could give him tips on how to, we had built our home but this is the first for a log home . his name is Dave when he seen your home the first thing he said he would like to meet you , so he does not know that I am wrighting to you , but thank you for letting everyone see how awesome your home is . thank you Christine

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Frickin’ sweet. That is all.

  5. What an amazing home! I saw this home on Destination America and I just had to pay my compliments. I don’t live in TX anymore, but this piece made me miss my home state.

  6. Dee-Dee (SKI) Ostrowsky on said:

    Very Pretty home!

  7. Patty C Romero on said:

    I also have seen the making and history of Kirkland Kastle and fell in love it. So much I would love to surprise my husband with a honeymoon we never had. Is this property available for rental?

  8. Rita Valeriano on said:


  9. Anonymous on said:

    This home is the most beautiful home I ever seen just wish I could afford something so beautiful

    Sincerely Yours
    Marsha Outwards


  10. Mike Piland on said:

    what a peace of work. tell the everybody i said hi.

  11. Terri Brown on said:

    All I can say is that this is absolutely beautiful. I am a single working woman that does decorative painting on the side and lives in a 70 year old 2 bedroom home that is need of repair, which is putting it mildly so to look at something this beautiful puts a smile on my face. Thank you for being willing to share the photos.

  12. Sonny Broyles on said:

    This is the 9th wonder of the world. I am very interested in the opportunity to purchase your home. You state that the property is situated on 40 acres, by change is there any additional acres available adjacent to the property? If this home was on 300 – 1000 acres there is no question it would be a done deal.. on my end. However if the additional land is available or at least open to offers, then it perfect. Please contact me ASAP to provide me with all the contact information for the purchase and additional land opportunities in the area.

    Sonny B

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