Vladimir Putin’s 1 billion dollar Palace



RuLeaks, a Russian WikiLeaks type site has posted photos of a lavish mansion alleged to be Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s estate on the Black Sea.

The existence of the “Putin palace” on the Black Sea was discussed by the Washington Post’s David Ignatius in an article last year.

Putin-palace-under construction

Putin-palace-under construction

According to Russian whistleblower Sergey Kolesnikov, the still under-construction digs cost more than $1 billion, include an amphitheater and three helipads.



However, Putin’s spokesman denied the report, saying that the building has nothing to do with Putin.

From the photos, the place certainly looks fit for a Romanov, with frescoed ceilings, outdoor maze bushes, marble floors, and four-post beds.




3 comments on “Vladimir Putin’s 1 billion dollar Palace

  1. William Fuch on said:

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  2. Anonymous on said:

    Putin is the hardest alive fuck you mean stop the hate William funch

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  4. Krystian Witkowski. on said:


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